Optel Vision: Optel Vision: 360° vision inspection system

The TabletProof 360˚vision inspection system from Optel Vision and Aylward offers pharmaceutical manufacturing and packaging companies a simultaneous 360° inspection of each and every pill, tablet, or gel capsule with a speed up to 2000 products/min.

Pw 45552 Defects

Optel Vision’s precision camera and reliable inspection software is combined with Aylward’s patented product handling technology. The TabletProof 360° is capable of handling multiple sizes and shapes of tablets or capsules. The system is completely mobile and can be moved from line to line to inspect bulk pills wherever needed (in-line or off-line).  Features tool-less changeover parts. inspecting pills has never been so easy. 

TabletProof’s precision ejection system allows each defective product to be discarded without interruption. Running at speeds of up to 120, 000 products/hr., the system reduces downtime and rework to increase quality and customer satisfaction and avoid expensive recalls. 

Available spring of 2013.


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