Eagle Product Inspection, formerly Smiths Detection: X-ray inspection system for mid-sized to larger products

Eagle Product Inspection’s Pack 400 HC x-ray inspection system can help food manufacturers in the packaged meat, poultry and dairy industries increase operational and energy efficiencies of their production lines, while meeting the strictest hygiene and food safety requirements.

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As with other x-ray inspection systems in the Eagle range, the Pack 400 HC can simultaneously inspect for foreign bodies including metal, glass, stone and bone, as well as checking products for correct weight, size, and shape.

The system's design reduces the time required to perform cleaning procedures, with interlocked, hinged louvers that can easily be operated and lifted, reducing the time dedicated to reassembly after cleaning. The system also includes a conveyor belt designed for easy removal, which reduces downtime during production line changeovers or after product spillages. The design includes welded, thick stainless steel plates rather than traditional bolted plates, allowing for quick and easy cleaning.

The Pack 400 HC’s integrated water-cooled heat exchanger prevents overheating. The new heat exchanger also reduces energy consumption and saves space in the production line, giving it a smaller footprint than machines that incorporate a separate unit for cooling.  While other Eagle systems in the range for packaged products feature smaller conveyor belts, the Pack 400 HC offers a wider belt of 400mm for the inspection of mid-sized to larger products.

The system's design also allows manufacturers to meet international meat processing safety guidelines and regulations, including those published by the American Meat Institute (AMI) and the European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group's (EHEDG), as well as European regulations for safety of machinery and hygiene requirements (EN ISO 14159:2002 and EN 1672-2: 2005 +A1:2009).

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