Webscan, Inc: Bar-code verifier

TruCheck Optima from Webscan is a hand-held bar-code verifier that provides a balance between precision and field of view, which allows for larger bar-code verification while maintaining accuracy with each scan.

Pw 42694 Webscan Optima 300x295

The TruCheck Optima provides even illumination over a larger area than other hand-held 2D imager based verifiers, according to the company.

In recent years there has been growth in the use of 2D bar codes such as QR codes and 2D matrix. To make certain that these codes are printed accurately it is crucial to verify the quality of the bar code.  The TruCheck Optima fits the needs of businesses that print 2D or linear bar codes by reducing costs from product returns or expensive reprints, and provides compliance with industry requirements.


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