EAM Inc: EAM Inc: Strapping upgrade at Domtar

Canadian paper goods manufacturer Domtar is a leading supplier of copier paper used in offices across North America. Like most suppliers of such products, Domtar packs its copier paper in telescoping corrugated boxes secured by polypropylene strapping.

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One of two Model TRS-450/350 machines from EAM-Mosca (West Hazleton, PA) applies the strapping; two were installed so that if one goes down, the redundant one can quickly be activated to ensure that the upstream sheeter can continue to churn out paper.

Both TRS machines apply strapping across the machine direction. But about two years ago, one customer asked that the telescoping boxes be cross-strapped as an extra security measure. To meet this request, Domtar installed a Model TRI strapping system from EAM-Mosca. It allows for cross strapping without requiring that the box be turned. The key is a “split-belt conveyor” that permits the application of strapping in the direction of transport. Requiring just 2’ 9” of conveyor space, the TRI is simply shut off whenever cross strapping is not required.

“We’ve been thrilled with how reliable the EAM-Mosca strappers have been,” says Claude Lapouble, capital project manager at Domtar’s Windsor, Quebec, facility. “They’ve enabled us to run our sheeter up to capacity without fear of packaging becoming a bottleneck.” —PR

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