EAM-Mosca Corporation

Hazle Township, PA 18202

Company Overview

Manufacturer of strapping and automatic strapping systems.

EAM-Mosca ProductsEAM-Mosca provides operator cycled equipment, fully automatic solutions, squaring bundlers, unitizers and conveyors designed to secure and protect goods for shipping and storage. Mosca’s proprietary SoniXs® ultrasonic sealing heads have revolutionized strapping systems offering significant and proven advantages over traditional heat-seal technologies, including cost, maintenance, and longevity across all industries and applications. We manufacture high-performance, embossed polypropylene (PP) and polyester (PET) strapping materials to optimize machine throughput and ensure minimal variation between packages. A number of sizes, colors, and break strengths for both PP and PET materials are available on coils sized for Mosca strapping machines.

Leaders in Packaging
Years in business:38
Number of employees:250
Geographic sales distribution:United States, Canada, Mexico, Latin America and the Caribbean

Our WarrantyWe offer a one year warranty on all of our machines and a two-year warranty on all Sonixs sonotrodes and generators.

Service, support & spare parts:

Spare Parts & SuppliesEAM-Mosca maintains inventories of equipment parts at our three company locations in Pennsylvania, U.S.A., Ontario, Canada, and Nuevo Leon, Mexico. In addition, distributors throughout the Americas carry appropriate parts stock, and our service technicians maintain inventories of commonly used items.Benefits of EAM-Mosca Parts Supplies:Extensive parts inventory allows short lead timesFast delivery of replacement parts minimizes machine down-timeQuality of components manufactured by Mosca guarantees long-term performance and system reliability


Training ProgramsNo-cost factory level maintenance training is available at our Headquarters in Hazle Township, PA, U.S.A at customers’ request. (Customer is responsible for travel expenses.)Onsite training available for maintenance and technical staff to stay up-to-date with manufacturing and technology changes.Technical data, operation manuals, detailed drawings, and safety instructions are available upon request.Periodic operator training on critical concerns such as safety, operation, and cleaning.

Other services:

EAM-Mosca ServicesOur engineers provide in-depth consultancy with technical expertise to tailor the best solution for unique requirements. EAM-Mosca also views technical support as an integral part of our complete system approach. Our field service technicians are factory trained and strategically located throughout North and South America to keep your systems running reliably for years. Support Services Available:New machine installation supervision and trainingQuick response to customer inquiriesEmergency services onsite or via remote accessAfter-Hours Technical phone support for specific in-line production equipmentOn-site technical assessments and equipment inspections availableCustom and standard preventive maintenance programs available (Monthly, Quarterly and Annual)In-House Phone Support (Available Mon-Friday 8:00-5:00 EST) to troubleshoot problems before scheduling a field service technician.

675 Jaycee Drive
Hazle Township, PA 18202
United States
Phone:(570) 459-3426
Toll Free:800-456-3420

With more than 35 years of experience and over 25,000 machines installed throughout the Americas, our automatic strapping machines are proven to increase productivity, line speed, and package protection. 

Our systems are built to reduce downtime across a wide variety of industries and applications – allowing you the ability to meet or exceed performance goals. Our years of experience enable us to confidently configure the best systems and materials for your specific application with an easy no-obligation quote and plant survey.

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