Autofill drums and totes

Ideal-Pak Massman, LLC a supplier of liquid filling machines to the international paint and coatings, chemicals, lubricants, and food and beverage industries, today at PACK EXPO announced its PT-Auto, the newest addition to the PT family of drum and tote filling machines.

The PT-Auto from Ideal-Pak Massman
The PT-Auto from Ideal-Pak Massman

The PT-Auto from Ideal-Pak Massman features an innovative laser scanning method that automatically finds all drum bung locations in a single scan prior to the fill step. The machine then fills all the drums sequentially without the need of an operator to move the lance. The PT-Auto’s delivers faster overall filling times, does not require additional overhead lighting and works on all drum colors and finishes.

According to the company, the PT-Auto is ideally suited for high-volume drum filling operations that require high accuracy net-weight filling and want to reduce the number of operators required on their filling lines. Ideal-Pak’s PT series of drum and tote filling machines have grown in popularity because they provide drum and tote filling operations a wide variety of net weight drum and tote filling machines from semi-automatic single drum filling to semi and fully automatic filling machines for 4 drums on a pallet and a variety of single totes sizes.

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