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Automatic poly sleeve labeler runs at 3000 containers/hour with quick changeover times

The SleeveCo SL-3000 automatic poly sleeve labeler handles 8 oz-2.5 gal. containers with speeds to 3000/hour and quick changeover time.

The SL-3000 is designed to automatically apply poly sleeve labels to empty plastic containers. The poly sleeves must be perforated, and on rolls. The machine starts and stops automatically on demand of containers. It is designed to be positioned next to an existing conveyor. the machine moves the container from the conveyor to the labeling position where the sleeve is pulled down over the container, then placed back on the conveyor. Each container size must have a custom set of tooling to apply the sleeve. The machine can be positioned after a blow mold machine or before a filling machine. The main motions of the machine are electro-mechanical.
Container Infeed
Pails on the infeed side of the machine are sensed by an electronic photoeye. If a backlog of containers exists, the infeed sensor is satisfied and the machine will cycle. If the backlog of containers is not present, the machine will not cycle. the machine can be built to allow containers flowing from left to right, or from right to left.
Container Labeling
From the loading position on the conveyor, containers are gripped by clamps and moved into the machine by the loader mechanism. The clamps hold the container in position until the label fingers pull the sleeve label from the label roll, stretch the sleeve and pull it over the container. The clamps then re-grasp the container, securely positioning the sleeve on the container.
Container Discharge
Once the sleeve is applied, the container is returned to the conveyor by the loader mechanism and discharged for further handling by the customer. If a backlog of containers exists on the discharge end of the machine, a photoeye is blocked and will shut down the machine until the backlog is cleared.


Construction: Stainless Steel frame and covers
Container flow: Left to Right (standard) Right to Left (optional)
Conveyor specs: Height: 30" standard, other heights optional
(Conveyor not included) Width: 8" maximum,
Weight: 1,800 lbs.
Dimensions: 43"W x 51"L X 70"H
Maximum speed: 50 containers per minute (3000/hr)


Electrical: 120vac, 50hz, 10 amps
PLC controls
Air Requirements: 8 cfm at 60 psi (3/8" npt supply line)


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