Using high quality variable marking technology to eliminate stock labels

The Coditherm from Matthews is a digital printer developed for automatic, direct thermal transfer marking of objects made of rigid or semi-rigid material, or with uneven, porous surfaces. To date, in most applications, it has not been possible to print directly on such products with electronic thermal transfer print heads.

This patented Coditherm process works with the use of a double ribbon. A positive image can be created electronically on the inked thermal ribbon in an initial print phase and then transferred "hot" (using pads or heated rollers) to the object being marked. The Coditherm system permits extremely versatile, high resolution (up to 600 dpi) marking of production batches with text, bar codes, serial numbers, time, date, lot number, shift codes and variable logos. Marking directly on the production line "on-the-fly" while reducing the need for a large stock of preprinted parts.

The Coditherm is perfectly suited for marking and coding on:
-Paper, cardboard and plastic boxes, bags and containers.
-Wood, leather, rubber, fabric and coated metal objects.
-Scratch-proof and solvent-resistant plastic objects.

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