Easy touchscreen ink-jet printer for small character coding

Watch how the marking and coding process gets easier with a full-color, 10.4" color touchscreen in this video from the Matthews booth at Pack Expo Las Vegas. Enjoy the ease of an icon-based, graphical interface with the security of automated and internally managed print settings and diagnostic utilities.

The C84 provides fast, reliable, small character coding of expiration dates, batch codes, logos and barcodes on a wide range of products, regardless of shape or texture. Combining ease of use with high performance and flexibility, the system's 10.4" color touchscreen simplifies operation with an icon-based, graphical display.

Ensuring trouble-free viscosity control and consistent print quality, the C84 temperature, drop speed, and ink pressure settings are automatically managed internally through a continuous diagnostic process. The self-cleaning printhead protects all internal electronics with a hermetically sealed enclosure featuring a rugged, in-line nozzle design.

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