Label market to reach $5.8 billion

U.S. demand for all labels is projected to increase 6.6% annually to reach $5.8 billion in the year 2000, says a recent study by The Freedonia Group (Cleveland, OH).

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Of the three primary label markets-product identification, information processing, and specialty labeling-product identification will continue to dominate through 2000 and packaging applications will make up the majority of demand in this market. Freedonia analyst Luci Young says pressure-sensitive labels, generally more expensive than other types yet possessing inherent advantages such as ease of application, will capture market share from traditional glue-applied labeling markets. Despite slower growth and competition, Young predicts that glue-applied labels will remain dominant in primary packaging applications, based on the amount of equipment in place, the entrenchment of certain package configurations, and adhesive improvements. The complete 161-page study is available for $2꽤.

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