Hybrid Label Press Has Big Impact

St. Louis-based Wegmann Companies, a manufacturer of custom printed labels with extensive hybrid & digital production capabilities, recently installed a hybrid digital/flexo press.

Some of the labels produced by Wegmann on the new hybrid press.
Some of the labels produced by Wegmann on the new hybrid press.

Their experience with the Domino CEI BossJet "powered by Domino" hybrid press is having a major impact on their business. “There have been multiple times where I’ve had 27 hours’ worth of production that would have been done traditionally on a flexo press, and now on the hybrid I do it in one shift,” says Operations Manager Alex Wegmann. “From a production standpoint, come hell or high water, our customers need their products delivered on time, so we don’t have time for downtime. I can receive artwork from a customer at 8am, have it on press within one hour, and have labels printed and delivered to them by the end of the day.  It’s impressive.”

Mark Wegmann, the owner of Wegmann Companies describes just how the press is configured. “We start off with a 40-inch unwind, we have a web cleaner, a corona treater, foil, two flexo stations, a turn bar to print the back of the web, and then we move into the 7-color Domino where we can go from white or black to variable imaging or information into full color. We then come out and have two more flexo stations, and then we move right into semi-rotary die-cutting. From there we go into full rotary stations, scrap take-up, and at the last station we can either go roll-to-roll or roll-to-sheet.  And it is all powered right here in the command center.  This allows us to maintain the quality run to run. This is the quality of Domino.  This is the quality of Wegmann.”

To see a video of the press in action, go here

Knowing that they are able to deliver more for their customers each and every day means a lot to the Wegmann team.  “I have a sincere appreciation for graphic designers and artists,” says Alex Wegmann. “They work really hard to bring their customers’ visions to life. So when I receive that artwork, I know that the Domino’s quality coming off the press will exceed their expectations.  The most surprising thing that I’ve seen with the Domino is how accurate the color is, and how consistent it is over time.”




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