Laser coding dries up condensation problems

Saratoga Springs Water Company, Saratoga Springs, NY, bottles upscale sparkling and non-sparkling, flavored and unflavored spring waters in both glass and PET containers.

Pw 59387 Saratogasprings

The company had been using ink-jet coding for its packaging but was experiencing increased maintenance and downtime issues with the system due mainly to problems with condensation on the bottles that impeded efficient ink-jet coding. The containers needed to be sufficiently dried prior to date code application. So Saratoga Springs began investigating other print/code options.

After weighing various alternatives, Saratoga Springs decided on the Model D620i RapidScan laser coding solution from Domino. Saratoga required high-speed, completely accurate date code laser marking for multiple bottle sizes, using a system that was consistent and reliable for optimal line uptime. The D620i laser unit is positioned after the fillers to code a clear and distinct date code on the body of each bottle produced. Its high-speed capability (running at about 450 bottles/min at Saratoga) is the result of increased laser power and Domino’s “I-Tech 10” scan head.

Plant Engineer Nick Pone says, “The construction and software for this laser are much more operator-friendly than most competing systems. There are no cryptic menus to click through or commands to remember. Once a code is set up, it is as simple as a few touches on the screen to load it.”

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