Food and Package Engineering book takes holistic approach

University of Illinois professor examines interconnected industries in covering package engineering.


Since packaging is a globally integrated discipline, it draws on nearly every aspect of science, technology, business, social science, and engineering. Scott A. Morris, professor and director of the food packaging program at the University of Illinois, takes a holistic approach with the interconnected nature of the food packaging industry in his new book “Food and Package Engineering.”

The book is written to cover topics more broadly than traditional texts by conveying the interconnected nature of the industries and social systems involved. Following the author's "packaging cycle,” Morris guides readers through the life of the package, from raw materials through material conversion, food packaging operations, distribution, retail and recycling or disposal by the consumer. The comprehensive perspective of this volume provides a framework to discuss critical interrelated topics such as chemistry, microbiology, engineering, economics, law, politics, sustainability, and natural resources. The 480-page hardcover sells for $199, and is available at and through Wiley-Blackwell.

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