Heineken launches sustainable package design challenge

A new Web-based open-innovation platform launches with a global challenge to consumers to help Heineken design more sustainable packaging for its beer brand.

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Global brewer Heineken has launched a brand new open-innovation platform, the Heineken Ideas Brewery, with its first platform consisting of a challenge for sustainable beer packaging. Innovators from around the world are invited to share their ideas on the future of Heineken’s sustainable beer packaging.  The best idea will win $10,000. The deadline for the submission of ideas is May 8, 2012; winners will be announced in June 2012.

Areas to consider include the following:

• Reuse and recycling of packaging
How can Heineken ensure that a larger amount of beer packaging will be reused or recycled?

• New packaging materials.
What kind of new material would significantly improve the life cycle of beer packaging?

• Transport and logistics.
How can Heineken package its beer to maximize transport efficiency?

Ideas will be assessed on innovativeness, feasibility, and number of votes from the audience. Ideas that best meet the criteria will move to a second stage where Heineken innovators will work together with participants to bring the ideas to a next level.

The challenge is open to residents of the Austria, Brazil, Canada (except for Quebec and Yukon), China, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Spain, the U.K., and the U.S. (except for California).

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