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The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) invited participants in its December 1995 workshop on its environmental guidelines to submit any new surveys, polls, studies or other materials related to environmental issues covered in the guidelines.

This was a reversal of policy, said Jack Lewis of the Paperboard Packaging Council, noting that prior to the workshop PPC was told it could not submit relevant materials. PPC submitted to FTC the R.W. Beck Community Survey that tracked the growth of community collection programs for paperboard. The number of such programs grew from 628 in 1992 to 2꽐 in 1994. The Beck study will be updated in April to include 1995 figures, with the results forwarded to FTC, Lewis reported. PPC believes the study bolsters its argument that use of the term "recyclable" should be expanded. Long term analysis indicates continued growth in all grades of recycled paperboard and higher demand, Lewis said.

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