Ecolean Packages for Chinese Consumers

Consumers in China can now enjoy US-owned brand Wholly Moly! dairy-free drinks in this distinctive lightweight flexible package with an air-filled handle.

New aseptically packaged oat-based beverage for consumers in China.
New aseptically packaged oat-based beverage for consumers in China.

The rising focus on health is one of the key drivers for the popularity of the dairy alternatives market worldwide. At the same time, consumers are making the link between sustainability and their own personal wellbeing. As such, consumers want brands and individuals to take a proactive approach when it comes to protecting the environment and leading a more sustainable lifestyle.

Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Calif., and Shanghai, China, Wholly Moly! is a leading brand in whole-grain and oat products tailored to a new generation of Chinese consumers. Aseptically packaged in Shanghai for a nine-month shelf life at ambient temperatures,  Wholly Moly!’s oat drinks are set to innovate their product category not only by offering an oat product without any additives, but also through the packaging  chosen for the launch. Ecolean’s lightweight packaging solutions address both consumer convenience and environmental awareness. A minimal amount of packaging material means less resources used throughout the package’s life cycle – for example less energy and water in production, and lighter packaging during transport. The result: a liquid food package with less impact on the environment, offering a lighter footprint for both customers and consumers.

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“Without any additives, Wholly Moly! products retain their original nutrition and sweetness,” says Claire Fang, CEO at Wholly Moly!. “We dare to use the original taste of healthy cereals. The oats grow in the fresh soil and sunlight of the Midwest of the United States and southern part of Canada, and are packaged under strict North American standards, bringing high-quality oat products to health and sustainability conscious consumers in China.”

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“We welcome the launch of Wholly Moly! oat drinks in Ecolean packages, as a great fit for our approach to sustainability and being a responsible business in the packaging industry,” says Johnny Sajland, Chief Commercial Officer at Ecolean. “As a global packaging producer offering lightweight packaging solutions for both chilled and ambient distribution, Ecolean is active in more than 30 markets worldwide and partners with many of the most well-known brands within the dairy, beverage, and liquid food industry.” 

Wholly Moly! is a subsidiary of Yum Delight, headquartered in California, US. The products are available in the Greater China region and the US, through both direct-to-consumer e-retail and supermarkets and has been available in Ecolean packaging since May 2020.



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