ABB: Single-arm collaborative robot

Building on the success of YuMi, a collaborative, dual-arm industrial robot, ABB has unveiled its single-arm collaborative robot, which combines industry-leading capabilities with a much smaller footprint.

Single-arm collaborative robot
Single-arm collaborative robot

Collaborative robots are designed to work alongside humans on the factory floor to raise productivity and support the transition to mass customization. Like YuMi, a small-parts assembly robot introduced in 2015, the new robot has a payload of 500 g and, thanks to its compactness, is easily integrated into existing assembly lines, increasing productivity. The new robot also features lead-through programming, eliminating the need for specialized training for operators.

“Based on YuMi’s enormous success, we fully expect our new single-arm robot to be equally well-received, especially since it was developed at the request of customers,” said Sami Atiya, President of ABB’s Robotics and Motion division.

The newest robot is an addition to the “factory of the future,” enabling customers to grow and thrive in the age of mass customization. Combining this robot with ABB Ability digital solutions will allow users to take efficiency and reliability in their factories to the next level.

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