Stand-up pouch with disc-cap closure caters to on-the-go consumers

Ideal for creams, lotions, and gels, this stand-up pouch with disc-cap closure allows for nearly 100% product evacuation.

Pw 185155 Glenroy Customizedpouch 000001

Lightweight and easily portable for today’s on-the-go consumers, this durable pouch is convenient to carry within a purse or a beach bag. Utilizing high-performance flexible packaging material, the pouch can hold products requiring high barrier such as sunscreens and skin creams. Available with customized shapes and a wide array of closures that provide clean, controlled dispensing.

Innovative Stand-up Pouches

Glenroy has been a trusted flexible packaging supplier to leading brands for over 50 years.  With extensive pouch converting & package engineering capabilities, Glenroy’s packaging engineers can work one-on-one with you to create fully customized pouches that add convenience and value for your consumers, including:

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