Stand-up spray bottle pouch offers differentiation and durability

This pouch weighs much less than conventional spray bottles, but is no lightweight when it comes to puncture resistance and durability.

Constructed of a high-barrier lamination with excellent seal strength, the high-performance pouch is able to withstand rigorous burst testing and drop testing.

Disrupting the category of household odor eliminators, this pouch provides immediate shelf impact and offers convenience and portability for today’s on-the-go consumers.

As an industry leader in designing pouches for liquids, Glenroy’s packaging engineers have helped many brands turn ideas for spouted pouches into reality. They’ll collaborate with you to create innovative pouch prototypes printed with your own graphics, incorporating features that add value for the consumer and meet the goals of all stakeholders. And with over 50 years of experience in supplying high-performance flexible packaging, Glenroy can engineer customized flexible packaging laminations based on your products’ unique formulations to aid in preventing product/package compatibility issues once your products are in the hands of your consumers.

An increasing number of brands are switching from rigid packaging to stand-up pouches for liquid products such as cleaning solutions. Flexible pouches:

  • Are conveniently lighter and highly portable.
  • Allow for more efficient warehousing and transportation savings, since a full truckload of blow-molded bottles can be replaced by a single pallet of unfilled stand-up pouches.
  • Use approximately 60 percent less plastic than rigid plastic bottles.
  • Allow for near total evacuation of the product. (Rigid containers can leave 6 - 14% of the product in packaging, while pouches can evacuate up to 99.5% of the product.)
  • Require approximately 50 percent less energy to produce and generate less CO2 emissions during production.
  • Produce less landfill waste.
  • Provide shelf impact and visibility with ample billboard space for brand-building.
  • Are available in limitless pouch shapes & configurations with a wide range of convenient features, providing new opportunities to set your brand apart and improve the consumer experience.
  • Provide established brands with a way to breathe new life into their products.

Flexible packaging offers many benefits for both consumers and brands. Contact Glenroy to learn more about the possibilities.

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