Accu-Sort Systems, Inc: Barcode scanner with remote monitoring

Accu-Sort’s AccuLazr AL5010 laser barcode scanner with adjustable raster is housed in the same compact, rugged IP-65 rated enclosure as the standard models.

Pw 40053 Acculaser

No awkward bolt-on accessories are required. The raster itself is dynamically adjustable (+ / - 20 degrees) to match any applications requirements. Adjustments are easily made using the AccuLazr browser-based user interface which can be accessed remotely via iPhone, iPad or laptop computer and a WIFI connection.  All AccuLazr AL5010 models use a modular design that includes a mounting base and plug-in scan head. The scanner is especially suited for the following applications:

• Stop and Scan
• Pick and Pass
• Pallet / Tote Scanning
• Presentation Scanning
• Hard-to-read barcodes
• Verification of poor quality codes


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