Keienburg GmbH: Paperboard can for carbonated beverages

Keienburg’s patented paperboard can for carbonated beverages including beer, sparkling soft drinks, juices, and coffee drinks, is made of a patented multilayer beverage board.

Pw 39142 Papercontec Dose 1

All beverages can be filled and pasteurized in this innovative packaging. Keienburg sells complete can body production units which produce the packaging directly at the filling lines. These inline production systems have an output up to 40,000 cans/hour. Current filling lines only need simple modifications to process the cans. This production system is said to save up to 30% of cost in material, as well as provide savings on transportation and storage of empty metal cans.

For paperboard can production, board reels, can tops and ends are delivered to the fillers. One reel of 4-ft. x .5-ft. is equivalent to 4,000 cans. Beverages stay cold longer in a paperboard container. Many sizes are available including party KEGs and barrels.

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