Domino: Black ink for plastic-based substrates

Domino Printing Sciences’ MEK-based 299BK black ink is a fast-drying, high-performance ink that provides good adhesion and scratch resistance.

Pw 39094 Domino 299 Bk Black Ink Instant Gravy

Designed for use on their A-Series range of CIJ printers, 299BK delivers coding text, batch and serialising numbering which can be easily applied to  bottles, jars, pouches, caps and closures, films, wrappers, pots and tubes.  It remains moisture resistant and delivers the high-quality output within challenging production and storage environments, such as those required in pasteurisation and chilled storage.  Its fast drying properties require no air dryer, which reduces cost and increases production efficiencies.

The composition of the 299BK ink provides high adhesion properties on ‘low surface energy’ plastics including polypropylene, thermo plastic olefins (including BOPP, OPP), PET, Polyethylenes (including HDPE and LDPE) as well as an increasingly varied range of multi-layer flexible packaging materials. Conforms fully to EuPIA recommendations for “inks for Food Packaging.”

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