PTC Electronics Inc: Signal transmitter

PTC Electronics Inc. is distributing SCAIME’s eNod3-D intelligent signal transmitter, which takes control of all measurements and provides complete dosing and filling process management.

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Designed around the latest 24-bit A/D converter, the eNod3-D is able to transmit up to 1200 measurements/second with a maximum resolution of 1 million points. The eNod3-D can easily be connected to all kinds of PLC’s, with RS 232, RS 485, CAN serial ports, using MODbus-RTU and CANopen protocols. Using setpoints sent from a PLC / PC, the eNod3-D manages a 2 feed dosing cycle by loading or unloading thru 2 digital inputs and 4 digital outputs. SCAIME provides eNodView freeware to make setup and calibration easy. The eNodView freeware also provides access to a dosing cycle viewer and a multi-level digital filtering simulator
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