MULTIPOND America Inc: Multihead weigher

Multipond’s multihead weigher MP 28-400/400-A can weigh in excess of 450 weighings per minute while maintaining a high degree of accuracy.

Pw 5903 Webmultipond
The compact machine with its reduced-size hoppers (0.4 litres) is suitable for the weighing of small target weights (< 1g), such as mini bags in the confectionery industry or components for instant soup mixes. The 28-head weigher combines partial quantities to achieve the target weight. Controlled and operated by a user-friendly color touch-screen unit, all product contact parts are available in a number of materials, ensuring weighing efficiency and repeatable accuracy for all different product types. All hoppers and product contact parts can be removed without tools for adjustments to changing products and cleaning. A combination of the weigher with the patented oscillating high-speed transfer system “Twin Double Duckmouth” enables up to 20% higher speeds.
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