Advanced Poly-Packaging, Inc: Weigher/counter for kits

The new US-5500 netweigh/counting scale from Advanced Poly-Packaging takes kit packaging to a new level by integrating partitions and lights to a traditional counting table for increased accuracy.

Pw 7082 E Advanced Poly

Specially designed for kit packaging, the unit uses cutting-edge technology for weigh-count verification of as many as 6 numbered components (up to 10,000 pieces per part number) all packaged in 1 bag. Creating a combination suitable for packagers looking for automation while retaining flexibility, the US-5500 features a system of lights to signal operators when to load each component into the scale hopper. The scale is integrated into the T-1000 Advanced Poly-Bagger™ and offers a bar-code reader for instant job recalls, saves, or queries.

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