Squid Ink: High-resolution ink-jet

Squid Ink now offers the PZ Pilot Plus high-resolution ink-jet printing system.

Pw 8603 E Squid Ink

Suitable as an introductory machine for companies looking for high-quality, high-resolution printing at a reasonable price, the system prints bar codes, logos, and other alphanumeric items on corrugated cases. Also available as a nonporous system, capable of printing on substrates including plastic, glass, and metal. Features 286 addressable jets per printhead and prints as many as 8 lines (to 1.4” high) on any surface. Modular system features easy-to-install replacement printheads, circuit boards, and ink system modules, so a fix can be completed in fewer than 5 min. State-of-the-art input device provides quick and easy message programming and retrieval for as many as 128 different messages.


Phone: 800/877-5658


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