Automated Packaging Systems: One-Step Bagging

Automated Packaging Systems has introduced the Autobag® AB 180 OneStep™ and Autobag® AB 255 OneStep™, designed to provide flexible solutions for dynamic packaging environments, such as mail-order fulfillment, short production runs, spare parts distribution, and build-on-demand operations.

Pw 9589 E Aps

Bag waste and product queuing are reduced by printing and indexing in a single step. Next-bag-out technology ensures accuracy and efficiency during product and label changeover. Bag sizes change over in less than 2 min. AB 180 is suitable for small to medium products in bags to 11”Wx25”L. Available in vertical or horizontal configurations, AB 255 handles larger products in bags to 16”Wx27”L. Both operate at speeds to 30 bags/min and print text, graphics, and bar codes at 12”/sec.

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