Teknor Color Company: Beverage bottle colorants

Teknor Color has adapted its PETek™ PET colorant technology, previously introduced for health and beauty aid packaging, to meet the much lower loadings typical in beverage bottle manufacture.

Pw 11276 Pa C Teknor Petek

As a result, PET beverage bottles can now be created using the tiny, color-concentrated PETek™ beads, said to provide a more sparkling and vibrant look, while reducing scrap rates and color loadings. The concentrates differ from pellets, liquid colorants, and wax-based solids conventionally used in PET packaging because of their unique size, shape, and composition. The micro-beads in dias as small as 0.05” disperse color through a polymer system compatible with PET. The tiny bead size allows color to disperse efficiently, providing sparkling clear and opaque containers, with reduced swirl, haze, and other defects.

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