Uvitec Printing Inc: UVitec introduces new non-yellowing high gloss coating 22120-87

Designed to cure to a smooth, high gloss finish that is resistant to yellowing over time.

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This coating is designed to cure to a clear, non-yellowing finish. Most UV coatings will yellow (sometimes immediately upon cure) due to the raw materials used in manufacture. Made from newly available, state-of-the-art raw materials, this coating will provide high clarity and will resist yellowing over the course of time. 22120-87 is durable, flexible and is also resistant to a wide variety of chemicals. UVitec also makes a pharmaceutical packaging version of this coating.

UVitec can customize the gloss level of this coating to meet individual customer needs. Experienced UVitec technicians will work with customers to determine the requirements, and adjust the formulation to achieve the proper features for the specific printing job.
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