TricorBraun: In-wall desiccant system

TricorBraun’s DryKeep™ desiccant polymer absorbs moisture into the packaging wall.

Pw 5393 M Tricor Braun

It also absorbs 100% of its weight in water, providing three times more absorptive capacity than with other in-wall and loose disiccant systems. The desiccant employs a naturally occurring GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) material. Because its moisture uptake is controllable, specific internal humidity can be targeted and maintained for the entire life of the product. DryKeep can be molded into any polymer and utilized in any plastic process. DryKeep bottles are available in multilayer EBM and monolayer IBM formats in any size. Drug Master Files on the compound have been granted by the FDA, and bottles molded with DryKeep have been granted USP 661 and 671 certification.

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