Videojet Technologies Inc: Fiber laser coders

Videojet’s 7210 and 7310 fiber laser coders are designed for direct parts marking and unique identification coding on a variety of metal, plastic and other hard-to-mark materials.

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Available in 10 and 20 watts of output power, the fiber laser coders provide a compact mechanical design with a small marking head, and straight-out or 90-degree beam options for increased versatility in tight spaces. The Videojet 7210 and 7310 set up quickly and integrate easily into even the most complex production lines. The lasers use a special air-cooled optical fiber as the laser medium, instead of gas, and feature coding speeds up to 350 and 700 characters per second. Both coders can quickly apply complex variable data such as high-quality identification matrix codes, bar codes, logos and serial numbers, both on moving and static products.

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