FoxJet, An ITW Company: FoxJet, An ITW Company: Solvent-efficient coder

Presented by FoxJet and capable of reducing solvent usage by as much as 40%, the Linx 6900 Solver is the newest model in Linx Printing Technologies’ continuous ink-jet printer range.

Using a new ink system and specially created intelligent software, the coder adapts to specific printing conditions and only uses solvent as it needs it, adjusting its operation according to the requirements of the code being printed. This dynamic operation is designed to be the most reliable solvent-saving technique, without affecting ink quality or ink build-up in the printhead. Especially suited to large-scale users of CIJ technology who are printing 24/7, the model maintains 5-line printing at speeds to 8.4m/s, an intuitive color user interface with WYSIWYG display and menu system, low-maintenance operation, and an attractive appearance.

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