Automated Packaging Systems: Towel packaging

Automated Packaging Systems has introduced the Autobag® CTS4000™ Clean Towel System, designed for high-speed packaging of industrial shop towels, bar towels, mop heads, airline blankets, bulk gloves, and apparel.

Pw 8272 E Aps

Capable of bagging 4,000 towels/hr in semi-automatic mode, including counting, filling, and sealing. Real-time remote monitoring is available using Ethernet communications and provides operating information for production rate, batch count, total count, and system status. Data is also available via the AutoTouch™ Control Screen, which provides access to job set-up and storage, job recall, and on-board system diagnostics. New, large detection eye system automatically counts product as it is loading, while the accumulating Smart Funnel enables continuous loading during the bag-sealing process. Unit is designed to integrate with most existing production lines and uses Autobag brand bags-in-a-box up to 15”W x 34”L.

Phone: 888/288-6224

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