Ampac : Clear, barrier lidstock

Ampac Flexibles has introduced Flexi-Free® 6985, a clear, high-moisture barrier lidstock without a foil layer that can seal to plastic trays and cups made from HIPS, HDPE, PP, APET, PETG, PS, PVC, PC, or Barex®.

The 2-ply, 2.5-mil lamination is made from PVDC coated polyester and a peelable sealant layer. Its barrier characteristics make it suitable for powders, where it is undesirable to absorb moisture, and for gels and liquids to minimize evaporation. Transparent structure offers easy viewing into the tray contents prior to opening, and the lidstock peels off cleanly without leaving residue or contaminating the package contents. The company also offers a companion product, FlexiFree 6734, which does not have a PVDC coating and is suitable for universal sealing applications not requiring a high moisture barrier.

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