James Alexander Corp.: Dispensing solutions samples

James Alexander Corp. recently developed a sample kit designed to introduce a variety of its products to prospective customers.

Pw 8461 M James Alexjpg

Kit features some of the company’s most popular crushable glass and unit-dose plastic ampoules, droppers, and swabs. Kit includes: 0.6-mL liquid-filled glass ampoule; powder-filled glass ampoule; 0.6-mL glass swab; 5-mL dropper; mini 2-3-mL plastic ampoule with roof-top swab; 2-mL plastic ampoule with brush tip; 1 mL plastic ampoule large angled swab; 2-mL plastic hoof-foot with hole; 2-part tandem dropper; and a 0.3-mL inhalant.

Phone: 908/362-9266


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