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Innovation in Single-Use Packaging: Plastic Single-Use Dispensing Systems - ampoules combining style & ease of use through single-handed activation; and Glass Single Use Ampoules, which offer the stability of glass in one- or two-part systems.

James Alexander glass ampoules offer all of the advantages that make glass the indispensable package for many applications.Not only will our glass ampoules extend product shelf life, they are also ideal whenever tamper resistant packaging is a must, when the formulation is sensitive to environmental exposure, or when the application calls for a two part system where the materials need to be mixed immediately prior to use. With a simple press or squeeze, the user activates the glass ampoule without even realizing that the package contains an ampoule.Extend product shelf lifeProvide tamper-evidenceAllow for specialized two-part mixing at the time of useProtect sensitive formulations from environmental exposurManufacturer/contract packaging of unit-dose dispensing systems for skincare & topical.

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845 Route 94
Blairstown, NJ 07825
United States

Located in northern New Jersey, James Alexander Corporation (JAC) is a leading contract manufacturer and custom filler of single-use crushable glass and plastic ampoules. Its manufacturing facility features unique, company-designed equipment and produces its patented plastic ampoules, among other product offerings.

James Alexander Corp. recently expanded its operations floorspace, adding 18,000 square feet to its warehousing capacity and 2,000 feet apiece to manufacturing and office space. The expansion provides additional capacity for servicing key markets including  pharmaceutical (OTC & Rx), medical devices, health & beauty products, first aid and diagnostics.

JAC’s patented single-use plastic ampoules, which have undergone various enhancements since their initial market introduction, are available in a variety of colors and with an array of applicators, offering single-handed activation in a customizable format. Meanwhile, the company’s glass ampoules can be filled and assembled in single-use swab or dropper packages. JAC also recently introduced a winged device, THE ACTIVATOR™, which provides easier activation for these glass formats. Other services include autoclave sterilization for glass ampoules, blister packaging and formula compounding.

Plastic Single-Use Dispensing Systems: James Alexander Corp.’s revolutionary plastic ampoule combines style and ease of use through single-handed activation. With just a gentle squeeze, the inner membrane ruptures, allowing the contents to be dispensed by the user. The plastic ampoule is available in sizes up to 5ml, as well as a range of colors and applicators.

Single-Use Glass Ampoules: James Alexander Corp.’s single-use glass ampoules offer the stability of glass in one- or two-part systems allowing for convenient use in pharmaceuticals, medical devices, diagnostics, dental, veterinary, and industrial liquids. Multiple configurations, assemblies and customized solutions are available.

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