PakTech: PakTech: PakTech: Multi-pack handles for trigger spray bottles

New 'Klip' handles from PakTech slide under trigger spray bottle nozzles, providing unique and comfortable multi-package.

Multipack spray bottles are popping up on the shelf but they are difficult to stock and not very consumer/environment friendly. So, PakTech has been working on creating a handle solution for spray bottles and is now ready to release the final TwinKlip design.

PakTech constantly looks for projects that go beyond their “standard” handle designs for bottles with a typical cap. They have been successful in creating unique handle designs for wine bottles and ‘tub’ style containers and now launch the TwinKlip carrier for spray bottles. The goal is to serve additional consumer industries such as those products in the household cleanser and auto aftermarket categories.

The TwinKlip has an open ‘c’-clip shape which slides into the vertical area beneath the spray bottle cap. The two clips are connected by a sturdy ‘bridge’ which holds the bottles together and allows consumers to easily grab and carry the package. The handles are then easily released by the end-user, who simply grips the c-clip and slides the bottles out.

The TwinKlip handle eliminates the need for shrink wrapped sleeves, which are easily punctured, tend to hide a bottle’s graphics, and are not readily recyclable. It is also an alternative to paperboard multi-packaging options, which are problematic in wet environments and tend to be costly. PakTech is marketing this new product line to leading spray bottle users nationally.  

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