PakTech: New can handles with 'dust covers'

Injection molded handle from PakTech unitizes canned products, keeps tops clean, and keeps consumers safe.

Pw 8928 0612 Dustcoverquad W275
Consumer safety has been a major issue in packaging for the past five years. This includes products that are canned such as beverages, soups, and fruits and vegetables, among other goods. A specific concern about cans is that the tops get dirty, and this is especially true for beverages in cans. Consumers are constantly cleaning the tops of the beverage cans before enjoying the beverage within. PakTech has addressed this issue by designing new handles with a completely covered top. The unique injection molded design is functional in both unitizing the cans as well as covering the tops with a thin layer of HDPE plastic. The package holds together safely upon distribution, and once purchased a consumer simply grabs a can out of the package to find a clean top. Many handle styles (QuadPaks, 6Paks, etc…) and automated application available.
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