Schubert exhibiting at PACK EXPO Las Vegas and IBIE 2019

The Schubert Group will showcase its lightline Flowpacker at PACK EXPO Las Vegas and Schubert North America will introduce the machine to the North American market at the 2019 International Bakery Industry Exposition (IBIE).

Schubert’s specialized, individually manufactured robot tools ensure gentle and efficient product handling.
Schubert’s specialized, individually manufactured robot tools ensure gentle and efficient product handling.

The Flowpacker, which is part of Schubert’s lightline machine series, combines a Pickerline and a Flowmodul in one system. The machine features Schubert’s patented, state-of-the art sealing technology for packaging heat-sensitive products even more gently into flowpacks. With Schubert’s efficient and highly flexible packaging solutions, baked goods manufacturers will be ideally equipped to successfully meet future market requirements.

The Schubert Group sees great potential for growth in the baked goods sector and it is, with this in mind, that the company will be exhibiting for the first time at the 2019 International Bakery Industry Exposition (IBIE) in Las Vegas. Schubert’s modular, robot-based, top-loading packaging machines (TLM) enable baked goods manufacturers to produce cost-effectively and efficiently. Increasingly demanding requirements such as filling baked goods, quickly-changing packaging formats, double-packaged products, product fragility, pressure and heat-sensitivity can all be solved with Schubert’s market-leading robot technology. “We see the IBIE as an ideal platform to introduce Schubert’s latest automation solutions to small-sized bakeries as well as to large international producers of all types of baked goods,” says Hartmut Siegel, CEO of Schubert North America.

The lightline Flowpacker on exhibit was designed for a Canadian family-run baked goods manufacturer to efficiently automate its end-of-line process, by packaging freshly baked croissants and Danish pastries into flowpacks. The system fully integrates flow-wrapping into the packaging line by combining a Flowmodul and a Pickerline in one system. During the show the machine will package chocolate biscuits in a two by two formation into flowpacks.

State-of-the-art sealing technology

The integrated Flowmodul is equipped with Schubert’s new patented sealing technology: First, an ultrasonic sealing system closes the flowpack’s longitudinal seam, then a heat-sealing system with a flying cross sealing unit is used. The flying cross sealing unit adapts to the variable speeds of the upstream pick & place robots and therefore ensures high sealing quality with constant sealing times. Schubert’s state-of-the-art pick & place robots guarantee flexible and gentle product handling. Thanks to Schubert’s system modularity, the robots can be seamlessly combined with other modules to integrate several packaging processes into a single system.

The machine also integrates Schubert’s 3D image recognition system to detect the product position, orientation, height and quality ensuring that the robots pick up only flawless products. Baked goods manufacturers greatly benefit from Schubert’s pick & place robots combined with its image processing systems, especially for handling sensitive products.

The lightline machine series

Schubert’s lightline machine series, which includes three compact preconfigured packaging machines, allows manufacturers to master standardized packaging tasks with great efficiency at attractive investment costs. A key benefit is the unparalleled packaging machine availability combined with Schubert’s outstanding quality. The lightline series includes the lightline Cartonpacker for erecting, filling and closing cartons, the lightline Pickerline as well as the lightline Flowpacker for packaging products into flowpacks.

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