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Schubert North America

Charlotte, NC 28217

Company Overview

Simple solutions for every packaging task: Schubert is a pioneer in the development of modular packaging machines and tailored services for a wide range of industries  - from pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, beverages, food & confectionery to technical items.

The particular advantages of Schubert’s packaging machines lie in the machines’ modular system design and the ability to individually determine their scope of performance and tailor it to the customer’s needs. Eight standardized system components are combined into a robot-supported packaging system in accordance with the modular principle. Schubert’s packaging machines can essentially package any kind of product.TLM Packaging Lines, Pick and Place Lines, Flow-Wrapping, Carton- and Case Packaging, Thermoforming, Filling and Sealing

Leaders in Packaging
Years in business:50+
Number of employees:1500
Geographic sales distribution:North, Central, & South America. Europe, Middle East, Asia
Service, support & spare parts:

We are local. And we are here to support you!We established our North American service support centers in large, metropolitan areas to ensure a great infrastructure and non-stop international connectivity. Customers throughout North America benefit from our broad set-up across the continent. Our facilities in Toronto, Ontario, Dallas, Texas, and Charlotte, North Carolina, guarantee that we can be on site to support you quickly.Regardless of whether your manufacturing sites are in Canada, USA or Mexico, highly qualified Schubert Service engineers are on hand to assist you. Either personally on site or available via remote support – you can count on expert support to address all your needs, ranging from machine installation, inspections and maintenance, through spare part orders to machine modifications of all kinds. Individualized attention from our service support teamWe know that direct, extensive support is key to ensuring greater line availability for our customers. The level of support needed depends on individual requirements, the pace of market developments and other circumstances. This is why we offer a wide range of tools and services to help our customers. Our service support team consists of technically skilled Service Account Managers responsible for addressing your specific requirements.Schubert Customer Services, Schubert Parts Center, Schubert Uptime Program, Schubert Expert Center, Schubert Flex Program, Schubert Uptime program, Schubert Performance ProgramPersonalized service supportOur experienced service specialists in North America provide expert advice on all aspects of your Schubert TLM system. Always keep in mind that no one knows your equipment better than the manufacturer.Our customer support team offers:Phone support, initial troubleshooting and determination of next stepsA remote connection established via our online platformSpecialists assigned for all servicesSpare part sales, maintenance agreements and additional services such as line modifications or extensionsOur customer support team consists of highly qualified service experts. We train our service engineers and support team with a unique internally designed apprentice program which involves a comprehensive training seminar (4 to 8 weeks) at our headquarters in Germany, as well as certified industry specific training courses.Where technical expertise meets our customer-first mindsetWe invest in the ongoing training and development of our workforce to deliver high-quality service to our customers. We educate our field service technicians with our in-house apprentice program which can include an extensive 4-8 week training seminar at our headquarters in Germany, PMMI certified training and educational coop courses with local universities and colleges.Rapid support, fast diagnostics and quick response times paired with advanced operator machine training classes, spare part sales, line extension projects and, of course, initial line installation all reflect our 100% customer commitment to Schubert’s growing number of customers all across North America.


We offer customer training seminars to serve the variety of all Schubert systems installed in the field – ranging from our latest state-of-the-art technology back to systems that were installed many years ago – regardless of new updates and lines. And with this in mind, two different models of Schubert TLM machines are installed at our facilities in Charlotte, North Carolina.The two-level training sessions ensure that all our customers can count on reliable, smooth operation of their TLM systems – to guarantee maximum line availability.The seminars cover all key tasks and functions of our packaging machine control system, including all components and image processing systems. Operators will be able to quickly recognize fault sources, develop their own solution strategies and independently make changes to the program.

Other services:

Schubert Customer Services, Schubert Parts Center, Schubert Uptime Program, Schubert Expert Center, Schubert Flex Program, Schubert Uptime program, Schubert Performance Program, Schubert Additive Solutions, Schubert GRIPS. World

8848 Red Oak Boulevard, Suite H
Charlotte, NC USA
Charlotte, NC 28217
United States

Schubert is a global leader in top-loading packaging machines (TLM). The family-owned company based in Crailsheim (Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany) builds on an interplay of simple mechanics, intelligent control technology and high modularity. With this philosophy and a highly developed culture of innovation the company has been pursuing an entirely independent technological path for more than 50 years. The second generation of the company now employs 1,300 people. Innovations include the vision control system, the transport robot Transmodul or the flow-wrapping machine Flowmodul. Schubert provides future-proof solutions that are easy to operate, flexible in terms of format conversion, high in performance and stable in function. The machines package products of all types in trays, cartons, boxes or flow-wrap bags.

Intelligent Technology meets standardized packaging tasks

With the new Schubert lightline machine series, customers can master standardized packaging tasks with great efficiency and high quality - at attractive purchase costs and short delivery times. It consists of three machine types: The lightline Cartonpacker, the lightline Pickerline and the lightline Flowpacker.

New sealing technology for a wide product portfolio

Space-saving design, unbeatable efficiency and excellent quality control are the hallmarks of the Schubert's Flow Wrapper, the Flowpacker. It can be equipped with four different sealing technologies. The new patented technology makes it possible to program sealing to the millisecond and ensures constant sealing times. For each flow-pack, the cross-sealing unit immediately adapts to the variable speed of our upstream pick & place robots. Like all of Schubert’s sealing technologies, the flying cross-sealing unit can be integrated into every Flowmodul and combined with other sealing technologies.

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Key Contacts
Erik Jensen
Director of Service
Nadine Hoffmann
Marketing Manager
Hartmut Siegel
Chief Executive Officer of Schubert North America, LLC