Fogg Machine manuals available online

Fogg Filler’s manuals for its machines are now accessible online.

Fogg has always made detailed manuals, specific to each individual machine, with instructions and diagrams to assist the purchasers with operating and maintaining their machinery. In the past, Fogg's technical writing department has assembled and printed one complete manual to be handed over with the machines. This will still be the case, but now, every company that purchases a new machine, will have the ability to easily access their manuals through the Fogg website (under the manuals tab) using just a designated username and password as well.

With many managers and operators referencing these manuals, sometimes they are hard to track down. With online access, anybody with the login information will be have full access to the manual at any time. There is no need to waste time tracking down the single printed version. Printed manuals are created and edited as the machines are being built, and as changes are being made. As the machine building comes to a close, the manual gets printed. If any last-minute changes are added on the equipment after the manual is printed, some might feel that they don’t have all the correct information. These online manuals include immediate notifications of any machine information, ensuring that the most current data is always available at your fingertips. Lastly, this information is safely stored online, available only to those with the correct login credentials. There is no longer a need to worry about classified information being seen by the wrong person if the printed manual is left on a desk or in a public area. The information is only accessible with the correct username and matching password.

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