Mitsubishi Electric: Handheld models for HMI series

Mitsubishi Electric Automation introduces the GT25 Handy GOT handheld models for its GOT2000 Series, an HMI that optimizes operator control and monitoring of device and line status. Units are available in 5.7-in. and 6.5-in. models and can connect to industrial automation devices, including programmable logic controllers (PLC), variable frequency drives, servos, and temperature controllers.

GT25 Handy GOT
GT25 Handy GOT

The handheld HMI displays information on a high -esolution VGA touchscreen and allows operators to easily carry it with one hand. While its compact design allows operators to work wherever they can best observe physical machine changes, the GT25 Handy GOT provides powerful functionality.

“Freedom of movement allows users to take the HMI around the machine and make changes or monitor status from a convenient location, which is a huge benefit for maintenance personnel and machine operators in a variety of industries, especially automotive,” stated Lee Cheung, product marketing engineer, Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc. “The GT25 Handy GOT is an external connection interface, so it can be easily connected or removed as needed.”

The GT25 Handy GOT can be used in any application that involves local setup, operation, monitoring and maintenance of system components from a graphical interface in which mobility is required. It can also be used as a teach pendant for robots. Multiple safety and security measures, such as an emergency stop switch and an enable switch keep the operator safe in case of emergency.

Additional information on the GT25 Handy GOT is available here.

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