Beckhoff Automation: Compact embedded PCs

With the introduction of the new CX81xx Embedded PC series from Beckhoff, small controllers now offer significantly increased computing power; the CX8190 for Ethernet communication is the first device in the series and is also the first PC-based controller in an ultra-compact “Bus Coupler format” for TwinCAT 3 automation software.

Compact embedded PCs
Compact embedded PCs

The 32-bit, 600 MHz ARM Cortex-A9 processor offers three times the CPU performance compared to the existing CX8000 series, as well as an eight-fold memory increase with 512 MB of RAM. The CX8190 comes equipped with an Ethernet port and a 2-port switch for real-time Ethernet or EtherCAT Automation Protocol (EAP). Windows Embedded Compact 7 is used as the operating system, and the small controller is programmed with TwinCAT 3 via the fieldbus interface or the additional Ethernet interface. TwinCAT 3 I/O software provides the basic runtime functionality, but further TwinCAT 3 supplements can be added as options.

The CX8190 also offers a 1-second UPS for storing persistent data, a 512 MB microSD card which can be extended up to 8 GB, and an impressive operating temperature range from -25 to +60 deg. C. EtherCAT Terminal (E-bus) and Bus Terminal (K-bus) I/O systems from Beckhoff can be directly connected to the CX8190 Embedded PC, providing instant access to an industry-leading I/O product spectrum with more than 1,000 available terminals.

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