AdamsTech installs Penta die board laser at CardPak

In less than six months, AdamsTech has installed three Penta die board lasers to keep up with demand.

AdamsTech announces the successful installation of a new Penta die board laser with Rofin-Sinar laser source at the headquarters of CardPak in Ohio. This is their third installation of its kind in the past six months, with more in the works. CardPak reports that it is very pleased with the installation of the laser and the new EasyBender and that they have already increased production significantly.

According to Greg Ward, die making product manager for North America, an installation of this type requires extensive and careful planning. Ward comments: “Our team began the pre-installation planning as soon as CardPak made the decision to purchase this upgrade to their existing die shop operations. We arranged the shipping and importation, customs clearance, scheduling, and rigging, as well as planning with electricians and other outside contractors. We were also able to assist CardPak in the layout and positioning of the equipment to maximize efficiency in their workflow.”

The installation itself required thorough coordination between the riggers, electricians, and HVAC contractors, as well as their own technicians. The AdamsTech team began the moving in and assembly of the Penta OF2515 die board laser during the weekend to minimize production interference. The laser was producing die boards the same day the technician completed the resonator startup.

CardPak V.P. of Operations Dave Burkhart stresses: “We didn’t want any finger pointing when faced with the many challenges of installing a laser of this size and capability. We were interested in a ‘turnkey’ solution, where we didn’t have to worry about import, shipping or rigging. AdamsTech delivered the goods complete with assembly, installation, and training.”

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