Brenton wins sales awards from FANUC

Brenton Engineering is rated highly by FANUC Robotics in terms of expertise and capabilities.

Brenton, powered byPro Mach, has received fromFANUC Robotics, the world’s leading robotics manufacturer, the covetedSales Leadership Awardand theSales Growth Award. Brenton manufactures robotic case packers, palletizers, bulk palletizers, and integrated end-of-line systems, featuring robotics as part of its overall portfolio of end-of-line packaging solutions.

“In terms of wide selection, technical leadership, and dependability, FANUC Robotics’ robotic systems offer our customers outstanding value,” says Jason Enninga, Brenton Vice President of Sales. “When we work with our customers on a robotic solution, we ensure the unit is correctly sized, has the optimum end-of-arm tooling, and that the robot works seamlessly with the rest of the supplied equipment within the packaging cell. We are proud to have earned these two sales growth awards from FANUC Robotics the last two years running. The awards are a reflection of all of the work that goes into helping customers achieve their end-of-line goals.”

Brenton is a FANUC Robotics Certified Servicing Integrator (CSI) and Strategic Market Specialist. CSIs are FANUC Robotics’ most highly trained Integrators. As a CSI, Brenton is authorized to integrate and perform warranty repair on all FANUC robots that Brenton sells. Brenton also provides training, parts, and other service. Among all FANUC Robotics Authorized System Integrators, only four percent have earned CSI designation.

Brenton personnel have distinguished themselves by passing specialized training, testing, and certification programs in all areas of robotic maintenance, including electrical, mechanical, and software. The company has one FANUC Robotics Master Certified Service Engineer, the highest level of certification, and two Certified Service Engineers.

Brenton recently launched its own robotics blog,Robotic Packaging Systems, which features insights into best robotic practices.

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