Fowler Products completes renovation of its Factory Acceptance Testing and Training Facility

Renovations to Fowler Products' (powered by Pro Mach) factory acceptance testing and training facility have been completed; the refurbished 9,600-sq.-f.t facility will be used for assembly and testing of Fowler Products’ capping, cap handling, bottle cleaning, filling, and cap sterilization systems.

With high ceilings and an unobstructed floor area, the refurbished space allows for the integration of other manufacturers bottle delivery systems, filling systems, induction sealers, and check weighers with the Fowler-supplied equipment. This gives customers an opportunity to test the entire filling/capping system prior to installation in their facility.

The well-lighted, air-conditioned facility is equipped to supply hot water, steam, compressed air, and nitrogen when needed for integrated system testing. Fowler has also recently invested in high-capacity lifting equipment to transport and position large equipment components.

“Extensive, thorough Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) provides an opportunity for the buyer and the supplier to ensure the equipment is complete, matches the specifications, and can be installed and put into production with fewer surprises that can result in production start-up delays,” said Don Cotney, President and General Manager of Fowler Products. “It is a priority for us at Fowler and we are committed to providing the best possible setting in which to conduct FATs, not only for our equipment, but also offering our customers pre-installation testing of an entire production system.”

“Many of our customers use the FAT as a time to introduce their operators and maintenance personnel to the new equipment before it arrives on-site at their plant,” said Andy Monroe, Fowler’s Sales and Marketing Manager. “They stand shoulder to shoulder with the people who built the system, receiving first-hand experience, training, and advice on how the system operates. We’ve found this approach contributes to fast and effective adoption of the new filling/capping system.  We’ve also learned that training during the FAT is highly effective as the trainees are away from the normal distractions of their jobsite.”

The renovations also include a large meeting room with a host of amenities including wireless internet, projector and screen, printer/copier/scanner, and refreshments. These amenities provide an effective setting for meetings throughout the FAT - including punch list reviews and training classes – and allow customers to maintain contact with their plants and offices throughout their visit to Fowler.