Beckhoff Automation: Servo motors

Beckhoff’s new AM8000 servo motors integrate the feedback system and power into one standard motor cable.

Pw 40284 Pr262011 Beckhoff

The AM8000 series encompasses six different motor sizes, each with two or three optional overall lengths, so that the widest possible torque range is covered with overlaps. The user can select a motor suitable for universal use from a stall torque range of 0.9 to 65 Nm.  Rotor and stator technology represents the actual basis for the new servomotor. The modern salient pole winding technology is used in the motor, which enables an even higher slot fill factor. Small end turns in conjunction with a fully encapsulated stator provide robustness and excellent thermal management. Energy efficiency of the AM8000 has been increased by more than 10% compared to conventional servomotors, according to the company.