96-hour shipper

TCP Reliable now offers the pre-qualified TimeSaver96 PUR shipper, which incorporates the same packaging configuration for both Winter and Summer cycles, keeping packout and inventory simple and easy.

Pw 8583 M Tcp Reliable

Designed to eliminate the time-consuming and costly need for qualifying temperature-controlled shipping design, the shipper is rugged and lightweight, making it suitable for multiple shipments. The corrugated can be easily replaced for re-use. Each shipper has an inner box to house and protect the product inside. Overall shipper dimensions are 16¼” x 18½” x 20¼”, with a product capacity size of 5” x 5” x 5” or 0.07 cu’. Phase 5 thermal panels are included to keep the shipper footprint and overweight to a minimum and to ensure that the right temperature is maintained. 


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