Environmental achievements exceed Expectations: Sustainable Production of Pharma Blister Films

In 2013 Bilcare Research GmbH committed itself, to get its extensive environmental activities reviewed and rated by external environmental consultants following the European Environmental Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS), European Regulation 1121/2009 EC.

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EMAS is the most demanding of sustainable environmental management systems worldwide and contributes to the fact that enterprises using a standardized management system continuously improve their environmental achievements. The annual EMAS Environmental Declaration reports on the self-imposed environmental targets and their implementation. These reports are publicly accessible and validated by government-supervised, independent environmental consultants.

With the latest validated Environmental Declaration, dated June 23rd 2016, Bilcare Research GmbH reports for the fourth year in a row the achieved environmental targets. The production and refining process of mono and barrier films is very energy-intensive, therefore the main focus has been on improvement of the energy balance. The achievements of energy savings and efficiency improvements implemented since 2012 in Bötzingen are considerable:

In Bötzingen, the energy consumption per ton of pharma blister film decreased by 21% and the carbon dioxide emissions reduced by 33%!

„This success has an immediate impact on the Carbon Footprint of our and our customers’ products.“ says Andreas Pfefferle, Business Head Pharma Packaging Innovations. „Furthermore we have succeeded in such a way to absorb the rising energy prices“.

Several projects implemented in the last few years also contributed to positive effects for the environment. In 2012 solar collectors which feed the energy equal on average to 61 two-person households into the local power supply system were installed on the roof of the administrative building in Bötzingen.

Going forward, the company will continuously invest in new, environmental friendly technologies. A great example of this focus is the newest company vehicles ordered with a hybrid gear.

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