PTI launches first-of-its-kind PET bottles for e-commerce

The Dromo PET bottle system is designed specifically for liquid or semi-viscous products sold through e-commerce.


PACK EXPO International 2018 served as the launching pad for Dromo, a new PET bottle system designed specifically for liquid or semi-viscous products sold through e-commerce. The first-of-its-kind system is ideal for personal care, household chemicals, foodand a wide range of other CPG products, according to PTI, the manufacturer of Dromo.

PTI developed the Dromo bottle and dispensing system to support growing e-commerce product demands, survive the distribution channel with limited secondary packaging and reduce dependence on raw materials.

Up to 75 percent lighter weight than traditional personal care PET bottles, the less-than-10-gram, 16-ounces PET refill has been designed to be inserted into an attractive, rigid, reusable dispenser. PTI engineered several dispenser types, each with specific features to address brand preferences. The bottles can be made from virgin PET or up to 100 percent recycled PET.
Opposing flat side panels provide sidewall strength and facilitate stacking prior to shrink wrapping into optional double packs. Bottles can also be sealed with a traditional threaded closure or accommodate a foil seal.
Unlike traditional PET bottles which are designed for the retail shelf, this system has been specifically designed for e-commerce distribution. That means structural attributes that are mandatory in the retail space, but unnecessary for e-commerce, have been removed.

Dromobottles have also passed burst tests of up to 173 psi and drop tests (both base and sides) of 6 feet to ensure that they will be able to handle the rigors of ecommerce distribution.

“Consumers have never been more vocal about reducing plastic packaging consumption. Along with this has come the significant shift in buying habits, moving away from retail stores toward ecommerce,” says Thierry Fabozzi, president of PTI. “Different times call for different packaging solutions, and that’s what this innovation represents.”

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